Oct. 16, 1918

Dear Mother & Dad:-
            It sure has been a long time since I have written you. Over two weeks. I told you once that I would write you as often as I could and it still goes. There have been a few times in this time that I could have written if I could have got hold of any paper.
            Up to and after the last letter I wrote you I had received no mail. You asked me to carry your addresss & a request that you be written in case anything happened to me. I did not tell you but I have done that since before we sailed. I don’t want you to worry about me cause heck I am coming back. Its just an accident when a fellow gets “bumped off”. Of course there are a lot of accidents but really these boche can’t put a shell where they want it to save their neck. That is the only thing we are ever in danger of is shell fire and I have never seen them hit the road. First they go a little over, then not quite far enough and pretty soon they get disgusted and give it up and retreat some more. These Germans sure are some runners. They sure keep us going to keep up with them.
Yesterday was the first time in three days that we have seen any water to wash in or had time to wash hardly. We were in a town one night that the Germans were in that morning. Water was scarce. Next morning they said no water to wash in even for the General.
If you have been reading the papers lately you can guess what we have been doing. We think it will be over before long & I will be home before you know it. It is hard while it lasts. Our infantry has suffered some terrible losses and the sights we see as we follow them up are more terrible than words can tell. I don’t mind seeing the woods & fields covered with dead Boche but it is awful to see Americans laying there too. It cannot be over too quick. Every day American boys are dieing for the victories of the hour.
            This is a rainy old morning and we are living in our pup tent again. The town we are supposed to be in is all shot to heck and we couldn’t find any buildings to live in that had any roof on.

Bombed out building in France
© Harry Faris 2010

            Will close for this time.
                                                                        With love,

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